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Radiation Detected!

Update Japanese Nuclear Disaster 3/15/2011
March 15th, 2011 8:58 AM

Yesterday I made an error, however initial reports where in error.  The radiation level just outside the gates of the earthquake and tsunami ravaged nuclear power plant are 1.2 Roentgens per hour.  As for the 40 REM/hr measurement that is inbetween reactors 3 and 4.  I will also provide you with another update, the 50 workers on site are currently leaving.  Does this mean that they have given up, no.  A group of people from the US is or has flown to Japan to help out.  I must also report that it appears that Hillary Clinton may have shipped Generators to Japan, but again reports are sketchy. 

I have received reports from Great Britain, Italy and Japan from other hobbyists monitoring with geiger counters.  Those two areas are normal background with similar instruments.  GB is .10 microSieverts per hour, and Italy is at .16 microSieverts per hour background.  I have received a report that background is elevated in California from 1 hobbyist there, however there may be other factors at play, so I would disregard that report for now.  

I am also adding to my instructions if you are worried about contamination, be aware of the source of your water.  Currently in Oklahoma City and Yukon the tap water is resevoir fed.  I do not know about filtration or purification processes here so I naturally filter all drinking water.  My water filters consistantly come up with no elevated levels of radiation, so if fallout does arrive it may be interesting to test my water filters periodically.  The US army Survival Guide suggests that bathing with lightly contaminated water is not hazardous.

If you are concerned, even though radiation may be barely detectable from fallout from the powerplant, filter your water or drink spring and or distilled water.  Nevertheless, drinking filtered tap water is always a good idea.

PM1703m 7 MicroRoentgens Per Hour; PM1208 .10 microSieverts per Hour, Digilert 10 Counts Per Minute - All Normal.

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Posted by Chris Cavanaugh on March 15th, 2011 8:58 AMPost a Comment

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