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Radiation Detected!

Tornado Spotted! 5/10/2010 16:55 Yukon, Oklahoma
May 10th, 2010 6:12 PM

My Blog is not dead, it has been a while since I have posted, but I am still around, still hoping to post radiation events, but there have been none to post in recent times.  Maybe the Tc 99m shortage has hit.

This afternoon the skies darkened, and thunder crashed, and lightening flashed, then it started to rain hard.  A brief spring thunderstorm.  Although my PM1703m did not alarm once, the tornado sirens went off where I live.  The news was not much help, they seemed more intent about talking about a probable tornado in Tuttle, OK than the reported tornado in Yukon, OK.  What is so frustrating about that is simple, Yukon is a much, much larger city than Tuttle, and borders Oklahoma City.  I also happen to live in Yukon.

I decided to try to see if anything was to be seen outside, and was rewarded for my efforts, while facing west I saw a spindly funnel cloud and tornado making its way north in a break between my neighbors homes.  I watched for a couple of seconds and noticed that it was not heading towards me and charged with adrenalin I new I needed to run back in my house and get my camera. 

The results are purely subjective and not quantitative, here is the best photo:

Also worth noting, the PM1703m read 8 uR/hr. 


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