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Radiation Detected!

Testing For the Plume, 3/23/2011 Online Radiation Detectors and Geiger Counters
March 24th, 2011 7:11 AM


I am still doing my daily test and one might wonder if I will detect any radioacive materials from the reactors and burning fuel ponds, an I am beginning to wonder the same.  Unfortunately I am not monitoring 24/7 with a geiger counter, and I am hoping to capture some of the radioactive material on my west facing front window.  I also have a secondary source of data, my PM1703m logs background counts and stores them in its memory.  I will be downloading that data and posting as well. 

Another issue that one might wonder is why the SE International Digilert?  That is a very simple answer, it detects alpha, beta and gamma, has an alarm that can be set to go off at different background rates, and it gives me a precise count over one minute or any time period.  I chose 5 minutes feeling that a longer count would be more effective at detecting small variations in background rate, however it may not be the ideal setup, and I may not be detecting anything except for natural variations in background rate.  Note to self, test for radon!  My indoor count is much higher than outdoor counts.

Another thing I have learned is 24/7 monitoring can be invaluable.  There is software available for 24/7 monitoring, free and paid for versions.  However, the free software only works on Window XP, I run Windows 7 64 bit.  Mineral Lab and SE International have software that uploads data to a national map found here: .  They also have a Android Cell phone apps (paid and free) called "A Radiation Monitor US."  A nice map, however I have yet to invest in their software. Problem with the map is that it is a mix of devices nationwide, and only the US.  Also, one cannot zoom in on the particular location of an online geiger counter.

An even better online map: .  This is from Chris Smolinski of Blackcat Systems ( ) .  On his map one can zoom in, and he sells his geiger counters with software for Mac and PC to people around the world.  It also appears that his Geiger Counters have a broader coverage and he has sold them worldwide! Black Cat Systems has an Android app too which is in my humble opinion superior to the Mineral Lab offering called "Radiation Map Tracker." He will soon have an iPhone or iPad version available as well.  Currently he has some really neat software for the iPhone as well.  Radiation Map Tracker allows one to zoom in on a particular online geiger counter so you can see the city and major streets the geiger counter is located near, and also one can see some data from Japan and other countries.  The geiger counters are all his, so there is more standardization of data.  Note to self, need to get a GM 10 or GM 45 for continuous monitoring of radiation data.

Speaking of data, here are the test results from yesterday:


03/17/11 03/18/11 03/19/11 03/20/11 03/21/11 03/22/11 03/23/11

Driveway 15.6 12.6 13.6 13.2 9.6 13.6 9.8

Indoor Count 15.8 14.4 14.2 14.2 11.2 17.4 14

Swipe 14.2 11.6 13.2 13.6 10.8 14 9.8

Note: All Counts are in Counts Per Minute Using an SE International Digilert, Gross alpha beta and gamma

PM1703m = 6 uR/hr ; PM1208 = .14 uSv/hr

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