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Radiation Detected!

Radioactive Person Found, XxXxxxxx's Cornwall and Main, Yukon, OK 10/20/2009 18:57
October 20th, 2009 10:05 PM

Tonight went to XxXxxxxx's to get dinner for my wife and I, she has been feeling sick and I was too lazy to make dinner.  Rather than go through the drive through I decided to go in.  As I walked towards the counter the PM1703m began to vibrate.  I looked down and it registered 44 µR/hr.  There where 5 people at the counter.  A woman in her mid 50's, about 5' 3" slightly above average weight, grey hair and she was with what where presumably her three granddaughters, ages roughly 4 through 7. There was also a large man, late 30's about 6' 3", 300 lbs.  They where ordering at separate registers, the woman was at the register closest to me and the man to the right of her at another register.  As I walked towards him the rate dropped to 36 µR/hr; and about 20 ft away from the woman the recorded rate was 34 µR/hr. 

I did want to identify the source (and I needed to order), so I casually walked back towards the large man and her.  Fortunately, the large man got his meal and walked to a table, while the woman was still waiting at the counter to the left of the register. As I approached the register to the left of her and ordered, I was within 5 feet of her, the rate was 243 µR/hr.  The kids and her finally walked towards the indoor playground (about 75 feet away), and the rate dropped to 6 µR/hr. 

From what I understand there is supposedly a shortage of some medical isotopes (Technetium 99m for one).  However, I have had no problem getting hits every two to three weeks.  Obviously the use of radioisotopes is extremely common.

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