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Radiation Detected!

Radiation Levels, Yukon, Oklahoma, 4 14 2011 through 4 16 2011
April 17th, 2011 9:33 AM


No new news from Fukushima Japan, cleanup of fuel rods, radioactive water, and the overall health of the heroic workers must not be interesting to the press.  There is much insanity in the world of Geiger Counter and Radiation Detector sales, during this time one must be careful of buying overpriced equipment, busted equipment, high range equipment or the wrong equipment sold as detectors of ionizing radiation (ie, microwave testers and low frequency electrical wave testers sold as Geiger Counters).  In short, if you are still in the market, be wary of sellers if you are buying something you don't truly understand.  Ask people who know and research what you are about to buy.  If you are concerned about radiation and do not trust current sources of information, and feel you can wait, I highly recommend waiting to buy a geiger counter or scintillator until the craze dies down.  Use this time to learn more, and to make a knowledgeable decision based out of knowledge rather than fear. 

That leaves me to my numbers:

04-10 04-11 04-12 04-13 04-14 04-15 04-16

Driveway 11 13.4 14.4 12.6 14.4 15.6 9

Indoor 10.6 14 15.4 15.2 14.4 14 12.6

Swipe 11.4 13.2 12.4 15.2 11.2 14.4 11.6

Another issue with noting, as you can see my radiation levels change from day to day, wind, barometric pressure and solar phenomenon all cause changes in background rates.   If you do buy a geiger counter, become familiar with it, test different items in different areas, since background rates are usually different indoors from outdoors, on your lawn or on your driveway.  If you are measuring radiation do not make a mistake that may panic you or your neighbors.  In other words, know what you are measuring.

PM1703m (in my livingroom) = 7 uR/hr; PM1208 (in my livingroom) .16 uSv/hr  

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