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Radiation Detected!

Radiation Event Log, 9/16/09 17:40 hrs
September 16th, 2009 7:12 PM

Xxxxx Foods, Rockwell and Hefner, Oklahoma City, OK

On our way home from work today (my wife and I drive in together when possible) we decided to stop at Xxxx Foods and shop for reasonably priced groceries.  We entered the store, grabbed a cart, and began to shop. As we approached the Lunch Meat display my PM1703m alarmed (it was on vibrate), I glanced down and noticed roughly 25 uR/hr and noticed it was going up slowly.  The only person in the area at that time was a chubby gentleman, wearing a white t-shirt and black ball cap, approximately 40 to 50 years old.  We walked behind him about 10 ft from him, and the reading climbed to 165 uR/hr.  As he walked away (I am sure I was unnoticed) the count gradually went down.  He then walked down the cereal aisle and the count went down to background, roughly 6 uR/hr.

 I am very surprised that I have run into two radioactive people within a day or so of each other. 

Worth noting, the PM1703m is a great device for alerting one to the presence of gamma radioactivity, and it gives a fairly accurate reading of rate (amount of radiation emitted per hour), it is a ratemeter (think of an automotive speedometer) it does not indicate the dose (think of an automotive odometer) like a dosimeter.  I may want to carry one of my CDV-138 dosimeters with me.  Health physicists say that the average person may receive about 300 millirems per year.  Maybe that has been underestimated.        

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