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Radiation Detected!

Radiation Event Log, 9/15/09 10:57 AM CST
September 15th, 2009 4:50 PM

Mercy Medical Clinic, Mustang, Oklahoma 10:57 AM

On my way out of the clinic my PM1703m went off again!  The unit started vibrating as I approached the door (it did not go off when I entered).  When I first glanced at it the display read roughly 250 uR/hr, and increased almost geometrically as I approached a gentleman roughly 35 years old, who was sitting on a bench, fiddling with his iPhone.  Within 5 feet of him the reading was in excess of 4,300 uR/hr.  He said hello, I said good morning back to him.  I thought about saying something else to him, but what does someone say?  "By the way, you are radioactive and I am going to write about you on my blog?"  As I passed him and walked out the door the count dropped off as quickly as it had increased.  The glass doors had absolutely no shielding effect as far as I could tell.  I do not think he will develop any superpowers or loose his hair as a result of any of the tests he may have had. 

Interesting to note, I do not believe that they do nuclear medical imaging at the clinic, there is an ER, a Radiology Office, A Lab and Several Doctors offices in the single story structure.  One of these weekends or a day off I need to see what I can find at one of the local hospitals or medical centers.  

Another disappointment was not having my Ludlum Model 16 and Scintillator probe, or any of my other geiger counters (Dosimeter 3700, Monitor 4EC, Digilert, US Dosimeter Corp Pocket Geiger Counter or Victoreen Ion Chamber.)  I would have been very curious as to how sensitive they might be, or how far away I may be able to detect a person who just had a nuclear medical test.

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