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Radiation Detected!

Radiation Event Log, 7/21/09
July 24th, 2009 8:29 AM

July 21, 2009, Oklahoma City, OK, Memorial and Penn:
At approximately 2:15 PM CST I was on my lunch break and went to Sam's Club to look for a gift for my wife's birthday (they actually have a pretty good selection of jewelry).  On the way into the store I showed the greeter my Sam's Club card and proceeded to walk towards the Blue Ray players (after all, they where on the way towards the jewelry counter) when the vibration alarm discretely went off on my PM1703M.  A gentleman roughly 70 years old, about 6 meters away from me was the only thing that I saw that could possibly set off the alarm.  He was standing in front of a 40 inch inch widescreen watching "Transformers".   The PM1703M showed between 20 and 30 uR/hr.  I stood next to him about a meter from him and my PM1703M showed between 40 and 50 uR/hr.  I loitered a few moments and then went to the jewelry counter, the count lowered down to background about 20 meters from him.  Not very hot, but still an "interesting" hit.  I later went back to the area where the man stood, the rate was about 5 uR/hr, normal background.  
Oklahoma City, Memorial and MacArthur: 
Later that day, about 5:15 PM CST I left work, made a call to my wife and was asked to pick up some groceries from a local Ice Cream, Hamburger and mini mart called Xxxxx's (Name removed to protect the Innocent).  After drinking several large cups of coffee at work, I needed to, well to be polite, nature called.  I went into the restroom, and while standing at the urinal, the PM1703M went off.  A solid 25 uR/hr hit.  After "answering the call," I went to the sink washed my hands and returned to measure the urinal, the source appeared to be the reservoir.  The highest measurement was between 35 and 45 uR/hr (By the way, I do understand that the PM1703M is not the best instrument for measuring radiation, but in this case it was nice and discrete.)  Fortunately nobody came in to the restroom while I was crouching in front of the urinal.  After flushing he urinal (yes, I did step away to avoid being hit by the mist, and washed my hands again).  I returned, the reservoir still measured between 30 and 40 uR/hr.  No samples where taken, no reports to authorities where made.

My personal assessment: Gentleman may have had a nuclear medical test, or radioactive seed implantation for cancer treatment.  Urinal may have had urine from somebody who had a nuclear medical test, may have been Technetium 99m or Thallium 204.


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