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Why Get a Radiation Survey?

First of all, all surveys will be kept private.  Most agencies, realtors, appraisers and inspectors do not consider or have to reveal if household items or construction is radioactive or have radioactive materials in them.  On the other hand, this could change in the future.  It has become an issue in Houston and in Oklahoma with granite countertops, not among State Agencies, but among kitchen refinishers, granite providers and consumers as the result of a news story run on a Houston TV station.  Here is the link to the story KHOU.

Those who may be concerned about their health, that of their famlies and or workers, as well as the health of others, may want to get a survey done if they suspect that they may have radioactive items in thier home or place of work.  If you know, you can take appropriate action.

Radioactivity may also be used to determine if you have a geniune antique, or a modern reproduction of a vaseline glass item, or antique tableware.  One of the prized qualities of vaseline glass is fluorescence.  Curently there are fluorescent glass items that are not geniune vaseline or uranium glass.  As for dishes commonly known as "Fiestaware,"  There are many modern reproductions.  As for eBay sellers, the radioactive versions sell better and for more money than the non-radioactive reproductions.

Antique store owners may have a particular interest in this service, since there are many antique items that are radioactive.  The "Radioactive Boy Scout" acually found a vial of old radium paint hidden in a clock in a Michigan antique store.  Radium paint is definitely something you do not want to play around with.  Radium paint can easily contaminate ones home.  Old radium dialed clocks should not be dissasembled.  Watch and clock repair services may also want to have their shops checked for contamination. 

Finally, there are many items that have been found that are geniune radiological hazards.  Old radium rabbits (radium implants), radium luminous hands, jewelry made from gold reprocessed from radium and radon seeds from medical implants, lost soil density guages, meteriological equipment such as humidity meters, and a variety of military and civilian items. See the upcomming links pages.

In most cases, the problem is not the risk of radiation poisoning, it is that of long term exposure and cancer.  If this is a concern; we highly recommend a survey or that you purchase a radiation detector.

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