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There are two companies that we are aware of that offer online radiation detector maps of the United States.  They also sell software which logs the clicks of geiger counters.

The first link is to RadMap.  They also hapen to sell an excellent radiation detection system for your Macintosh or Windows PC.  Click here to view.

The second link is to  It has been around longer, and has a few more users.  Click here to view.

Here is a neat site, if you want to go on vacation; .

Want a geiger counter, check source, or nuclear novelty?  Try

Cold War Culture site, . 

Geiger counters made between 1920 and 1960, . 

Spare parts for civil defense geiger counters,

If you want to buy uranium or, contact Ron at , all autunite samples are from his very own uranium mine!

Here is an interesting link to Bill DiPuccio's site, check out his amazing facts about Radioactivity page!

Shade Tree Physics by Robert S. "Bob" Fritzius

This is an excellent site that explains the basic operation of a geiger counter and the basics of radiation and its effects

If you are aware of any more, please feel free to write

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