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Radiation Detected!

No Abnormal Radiation Reported 12/02/09
December 2nd, 2009 9:27 PM

It has been 31 days since my last post.  During this time I have been in Grocery stores, malls, walking, movie theaters, the doctors office and driven about 800 miles to and from work.  No abnormal amounts of radiation found anywhere.  Of course brick and some ceramics have set off my PM1703M, and I have checked it out with an old radium dialed pocket watch I have, as well as some ore samples and fiestaware, but no radioactive people to be found!  I have thought about a field trip to a hospital, just so I could post something.  Maybe the Technetium 99m shortage is finally hit.  Possibly it is the Holidays and fewer procedures are being done.  Maybe there is a general feeling of Holiday happiness and fewer people are feeling sick.  

Just thought I would post, I am still here, monitoring Yukon, Oklahoma City and Central Oklahoma 24/7...  

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Posted by Chris Cavanaugh on December 2nd, 2009 9:27 PMPost a Comment

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