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Radiation Detected!

Radiation Levels Yukon OK, Plume Data from Fukushima
April 5th, 2011 7:03 PM

Interesting fixes are being used in Fukushima, and from the reports there is worldwide concern that contaminated items may reach the shores of foreign countries.  Ironically less emphasis has been spent on limiting the spread of viruses, bacteria and fungal infections than the concern for a little radioactive material.  One person with an infection flying abroad gets less notice than somebody with a little radioactive material on their shoes or clothes.  Scary stuff, people fear a little radiation more than a bacterial or viral infection that could cause an epidemic.  Radioactive materials wash off and are not contangeous, bacteria and viruses are contageous. 

You may have read about the contamination in the ocean, and very interesting as to the source, it is very interesting when one sees the source, here are the links:

The leak is from the bottom of one of the one of the spent fuel ponds. 

Here is a diagram: 

What you may be wondering is how could they have missed the leak?  Answer, no one wants to get near it!  The top of the pond measures 100 Roentgens per hour, 6 hours exposure = DEATH.  By the leak the measurements are 40 Roentgens per hour.  25 Roentgens of exposure and one can no longer work around radiation again.

The leak is flowing into the cooling water channel into the ocean.  Not good if you are planning on going for a swim.  However, the answer for decreasing some of the radiation is being filled, dilution and time. 

The leak is being being fixed with Sodium Silicates.  The sodium silicate (liquid glass) builds up and stops the leak.  Interesting trivia, with the cash for clunkers program, Sodium Silicate solution was poured into motors to clog the cooling channels and seize the motors.  In addition bath salts are being used (yes, bath salts) to detect other leaks.  The salt builds up and can be seen, and the water is colored by the bath salts.  To bad that they do not use a scintillation material, that way the leaking water would glow in the dark. 

This leads me to my results for yesterday and today:




Well, that concludes my report for today.  No impact here.  Radiation levels in Yukon, Oklahoma and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma are all normal.  Do not worry, the EPA is testing as well with equipment much better than mine.  Also remember this, just because you can detect it, does not mean it is dangerous!

PM1703m = 7 uR/hr; PM1208 Geiger Counter watch = .13 uSv/hr.   

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