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Radiation Detected!

Radiation Not Found Yukon, OK Fukushima Plans
March 31st, 2011 10:13 PM

As for the 4 stricken reactors the plan is to encase the reactors and containments in concrete.  The soil around the plans will be sprayed with an adhesive and high tech fabric mats will be laid on top of the earth to prevent contamination from spreading by the wind.  In other words, the proverbial towel is being thrown.

Probably not a bad plan, however with seawater contamination it may not be the best policy, unless they can identify the source of contamination and block it off.  I am not saying that the radiation being released into seawater is hazardous, it just doesn't make sense to compound a problem by making it less accessible!  If it continues after they have sealed off the plant, Fukushima will be fodder for environmentalists for years to come.  Also it will devalue the price of fish from Japan, and maybe even Alaska. 

Here are some high definition photos of the destroyed buildings, check it out here. 

As for your background counts in Yukon Oklahoma, here are my results:


The most interesting result was Saturday, 3/26/2011.

Still monitoring, and monitoring 24/7 with the PM1703m, 7 uR/hr and PM1208 .14 uSv/hr...


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