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Radiation Detected!

Testing Day 3, 3/19/2011 Iodine 131 and Radiation Cures, Yukon, Oklahoma
March 20th, 2011 11:36 AM

I did do my 15 minute test yesterday, I just did not post until today.

I thought I would mention that the plume may have hit the US, and depending on what one reads, it may or may not be over Oklahoma.  Walgreen's does have Iodine, there where a couple of bottles on the shelf.  I did not ask about ThyroSafe or KI pills.  However, I would suspect if there was a nuclear accident, or event that would effect people in the US, Iodine pills would not be available as one would think. Am I instructing you to take Iodine now?  No.  However if you feel sluggish or tired you just may try it! 

I thought I might post a few words about other protective agents for fallout, plumes, and other mythical cures for radiation sickness or ingestion of radioactive contaminants.

Salt, table (NaCl, sodium chloride) or No Salt (KCl or Potassium Chloride):  What it is supposed to do is block absorbtion of Cesium 137 or other Radioactive Isotopes that mimic salt or electrolytes.  Expect to have to ingest 6.6 pounds of it.  You would die before you ate enough!

Seaweed:  Works somewhat, however it works because it has Iodine in it, so liquid Iodine on the skin or KI (Potassium Iodide Tablets) are a far better source.

Red Wine: May or may not be effective:  The tannins found in red wine do help somewhat to bolster your immune system, however wether or not it is effective for ingesting radioactive contaminants or radiation exposure has yet to be seen.

Beer: Actually, since beer is a diuretic, it is and has been used to "flush" Tritium from ones body.  However fresh or bottled water is just as effective.

That leaves me to my test, done 6 PM yesterday afternoon:

765 sq inch window swipe with paper towels and a name brand blue amonia window cleaner: 13.2 CPM (Counts Per Minute) average;

Driveway Count: 13.6 CPM average

Indoor Count: 14.2 CPM average

Guess I am not detecting the plume, however I will keep testing over the next few weeks!

PM1703 = 7 µR/hr; PM1208 Geiger Counter Wristwatch = .10 µSv/hr

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