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Radiation Detected!

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster, Update
March 14th, 2011 9:28 PM

Much has happened today.  From the updates I have gathered It appears that Reactor #3 is in very sad shape, they have stopped pumping seawater into it and have given up, time to let the reactor vessel and containment do their job.  Hopefully they will hold up.  I would imagine that the borated seawater vaporizes the minute it enters the vessel, so why pump in water if the pressure increases and you have to vent it? 

There was an Explosion at Reactor #2.  Prior to that explosion the reactor was shoing 3 Atmospheres pressure, now indicators show 1 Atmosphere pressure, which essentally means that it has been breached.

Other troubles, what happened to the spent fuel storage pools.  From what I understand the sat on top of the containment.  Problem with spent fuel is this.  The spent fuel rods are highly radioactive.  They are so radioactive that they glow blue in the air, not from heat, but from beta particles that are moving faster than the speed of light in air, causing a glow called Cherenkov radiation.  Absolutely nothing can travel faster than a photon of light in a vacuum, however air or water are mediums, and particles in rare instances  can outpace light waves, causing a blue glow.  In measurements the spent fuel rod may exceed 20,000 roentgens per hour.  A fatal dose in a matter of minutes.   

Not a pretty picture, and more than likely a dangerous and scary place to be.  Radiation levels have been measured as high as 820 milliREM per hour have been measured outside the gates of the plant.  Just walking through or even driving to the reactor units must be carefully planned and radiation monitored carefully (my speculation). 

The last part is very telltale, all operators at the plant have been evacuated.

Radiation Levels here in my living room in Yukon, OK, PM1703m, 6 MicroRoentgen per hour, PM1208 Geiger counter watch .09 microSieverts per Hour, SE International Digilert 19 Counts Per Minute, all Normal Background.

Curious about background in Tokyo, Japan? 

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