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Radiation Detected!

Blog, Special Report, Japanese Reactor Disaster 3/12/2011 - Update
March 12th, 2011 10:06 PM

I have heard several reports that reactor number 3 of the complex may be experiencing similar pressure issues along with reactor number 1.  I am not sure but they may start venting again. 

Also worth mentioning the use of seawater more than likely will prevent the reactors from ever being used in the future.  High temperatures, metals and the introduction of seawater would more than likely cause extensive corrosion to the interior of the reactor core. 

Since past report I have also learned that the explosion may not have been the actual containment building.  As a matter of fact the reactor is surrounded by six inches of stainless steel, another several feet of concrete, and a third layer of concrete that is the containment building,  See the following diagram:

Current background radiation rates in Yukon, Oklahoma, 7 microRoentgens per hour.

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