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Radiation Detected!

3/26/2011 - I MAY have detected Radiation from Japan in Oklahoma
March 27th, 2011 9:31 AM
Yesterday evening I did my 15 minute test as usual and yielded some interesting results. I may have detected some "fallout" or radiation from particles in the Plume from Japan. 

However, there are some problems with my numbers that I will address up front.  First of all, I have two controls, the outdoor "Driveway" count that I am using since my lawn is slightly radioactive from NORM (naturally occurring radioactive materials) in the soil and use of phosphate fertilizers.  The other Control group is my indoor count, which typically has been higher than outdoor and swipe test counts.  This is more than likely due to brick construction of my home.

Another factor is the number of tests I have done. Unfortunately I do not have weeks or months of data.  I have only started 3/17/2011.  It would be nice to have done this months or years in advance, however time and attention has not been allocated towards the project.  Also, this is my first abnormal test that meets my hypothesis that the swipe test would have a higher 5 minute average counts per minute.

My numbers do not square with statistics quite yet either.  Statistically I should have 18 or more Counts per minutes to indicate the presence of radioactive materials.  This may change, we have actually an accumulation of rain on the ground this morning.  Rainwater also may contain radioactive materials from the air and natural sources, like radon, and manmade sources like fallout, assuming my higher count yesterday is attributable to radioactive materials in the air.

Even if my count was higher, lacking long term data, I cannot be 100% sure that the source is "fallout" or the plume form Japan, I lack lots of lead shielding and gamma ray spectroscopy equipment.

In defense of my data, it meets my hypothesis that the window swipe 5 minute count average would be higher than driveway average count rate and indoor average count rate (due to the concentration of dust and dirt in the air collecting on the window glass).  Also, this has been the first time that the five minute average of the window swipe has been higher on a daily basis than the previous 9 tests of the control group's 5 minute averages.  This also coincides with the date that the plume, "fallout" from Fukushima Japan is supposed to arrive in Oklahoma.   

Never the less, I am curious about what today's test results (3/27/2011) will reveal.  I will also continue to test after today.


Raw Data:


03/17/11 03/18/11 03/19/11 03/20/11 03/21/11 03/22/11 03/23/11 03/24/11 03/25/11 03/26/11

Driveway 15.6 12.6 13.6 13.2 9.6 13.6 9.8 11.4 12.2 11.8

Indoor Count 15.8 14.4 14.2 14.2 11.2 17.4 14 15.6 15.6 13

Swipe 14.2 11.6 13.2 13.6 10.8 14 9.8 11 11.2 14.2

Note: All Counts are in Counts Per Minute Using an SE International Digilert, Gross alpha beta and gamma

This test is not definitive, however it may indicate something. If it is radioactivity from the Japanese Nuclear Power Plant, it is definitely at a level that is not dangerous.  I am not trying to create an alarm or worry with any readers.   

PM1703m = 7 uR/hr; Pm1208 Wristwatch = .11 uSv/hr

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Posted by Chris Cavanaugh on March 27th, 2011 9:31 AMPost a Comment

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