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Radiation Detected!

3/2/2010 12:54 PM, Memorial and Portland, OKC, OK
March 2nd, 2010 7:28 PM

Today I needed to pick up some groceries at lunch, so I ended up going to the Sam's Club east of the office.  Nothing notable happened at Sam's.  I picked up what I needed and was driving back to the office.  While traveling westbound on Memorial about a quarter mile before Portland Avenue my PM1703M started to vibrate.  Normal background on the streets of Oklahoma City is typically 3 to 5 uR/hr, so rarely do I take the time to remove it from my belt and place it on the center console of my Explorer. 

I knew that it was not just a normal change or false alarm because it was almost a constant alarm.  I removed it from my belt which was difficult because my jacket and seat belt both got in the way.  Looking around I saw a silver Dodge Magnum station wagon to the left of me, preparing to turn south on Hefner Parkway.  I was able to finally look at the display on the PM1703M, and it read 29 µR/hr.  As the car pulled ahead of me and turned the reading dropped off to a background reading of 3 ┬ÁR/hr rather quickly.  The closest distance was about 20 feet away, and that gave me the highest reading. 

I could not see the occupants of the car, since it had tinted glass.  If I had more time I may have followed the vehicle, but would have had to do some quick lane changes.  Worth noting the nearest hospital was about one mile west of us, so the car was coming from another part of the city.    

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