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Radiation Detected!

1/01/2010 to 1/03/2010, Xxxxxxxx Medical Center Yukon, Xxxxxx Dental OKC, OK NO RADIATION DETECTED!
January 4th, 2010 9:37 PM
Had a very inauspicious start to the New Year, I ended up taking my wife to the ER New Years day morning.  Dental Pain and swelling to her face.  At first the ER doctor thought it was a reaction to a medication, but within two days the swelling to her gum showed that she had a dental abscess.  On Sunday we ended up going back to the ER to get antibiotics and pain meds (if you ever get a dental abscess, get to your dentist immediately, antibiotics administered quickly can save a tooth or teeth).  No PM1703M hits in the ER either day, but surprisingly we where in and out of the ER in less than 20 minutes both days!
Today we got in to see our family dentist's office, the Dentist of course wanted an Xray to be taken.  I was allowed to go into the room.  Very modern equipment, with the latest CCD sensor.  What surprised me is the PM1703M did not alarm or budge in the slightest!  The Xray was so quick it didn't even register the event!  All I heard was a click of the machine, and it was over.  I was roughly 7 feet away from the Xray head. 
I doubt that the machine was a low powered device, just very quick.  The Xray was extremely clear.  I am sure that my PM1703M is working, I checked it when we got home...

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