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Radiation Detected!

1/01/2010 17:32 - Radioactive Person Found, Xxxxxx Xxxx's, Garth Brooks Blvd and I-40, Yukon, OK
January 2nd, 2010 10:55 AM

New Year's Day was simply a day of relaxation for me and my family.  Rather than go out on "Amateur Night" (New Year's Eve) my wife and I spent it watching movies and snacking.  We watched "Paranormal" and "Robinhood, Prince of Thieves."  New Years Day was spent waking up early, taking my wife to the ER (she had some facial swelling possibly due to a medication) and then relaxing some more.  Surprisingly, we where in and out of a local Emergency Room within 15 minutes!  No PM1703M hits in the Hospital.  About 17:00 we decided to get something to eat, this meant that I would go to a video store, get a couple of movies, then get mexican food and subs.  My wife wanted mexican, a submarine sandwich sounded good to me. 

I stopped at the video store first, and was in and out in record time.  I was able to get "Inglorious Basterds," "District 9," and "The Ugly Truth" very quickly.  I decided next to get my sub first.  When I went in there was no line at the counter.  I ordered and waited by the counter, and while I was ordering noticed a couple of "nudges" by the vibrator alarm on my PM1703M.  As you may have guessed he store was not busy at all.  I woman and her child had walked in behind me when I came in, She was roughly 30ish.  There was a couple in their 50's sitting at a booth by the door.  I decided to see if it was a false alarm, or something else while I was waiting for my food, and removed the PM1703M from my belt.  It read 13 uR/hr, by the counter, that is high for anyplace in Yukon, OK (Normal background is 6 to 9 µR/hr inside most buildings).  As I walked towards the couple the reading rose to 33 uR/hr as I sat down in the booth directly behind the gentleman.  My name was called, so I went and collected my food to go, and then walked past the couple again.  When I passed the woman, about five feet from their booth, the count climbed to 133 uR/hr, then decreased as I walked further away.  All was done without anyone noticing that I was measuring radiation!

The couple looked normal enough, what surprised me is I was able to get a hit within two weeks of another, and on a holiday.  If the hit was due to a medical test of some sort, I have no idea when she had received the test, unless I knew what isotope they used, and how much, then I may be able to determine when she had the test done.

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Posted by Chris Cavanaugh on January 2nd, 2010 10:55 AMPost a Comment

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