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Everyone is aware of our environment.  We are aware of our physical surroundings, buildings, vehicles, streets, sky, weather.  Our five senses are well adapted to our basic needs.  Sight, smell, taste, sound, feeling are all senses that can help us adapt to and even alter our environment.  We feel hot, we turn on the air conditioning. 

There are however many things in our environment that we cannot sense through conventional means.  Radio waves are an excellent example.  As humans, we are totally unaware of them, until we turn on a radio or a TV, and tune in to them.  Magnetism is another force that we are unaware of, until we can feel the attraction of the magnet to the refrigerator, however we cannot feel the magnetic field emanating from the magnet.  Ionizing radiation is yet another invisible energy we cannot feel.  

Ionizing Radiation comes in several forms. There are Alpha Particles, Beta Particles, Gamma Rays, X Rays and Neutron Radiation.  Certain elements (a collection of similar atoms), and isotopes, (a form form of the element which has the same chemical properties, has the same number of protons, but a different number of neutrons), will emit some or all forms of radiation. 

With recent and past events such as Fukushima Daiitchi this year, Chernobyl in 1986, Three Mile Island in 1979, and Fermi 1 in Detroit in 1966, many people have a fear of exposure to radiation, and unfortunately may have been misinformed from anti nuclear activists, the anti Depleted Uranium crowd, and folks with their own personal or political agenda.  Fear has been instilled in movies like "Five," "On the Beach," "Chud, " "Godzilla" and many other science fiction movies where radiation has killed people or even worse transformed humans or animals into disfigured bloodthirsty mutant monsters.  I agree that radiation can be dangerous, and it can cause cancer, however it is the dose that makes the poison.  Currently we can detect incredibly small amounts of radiation and radioactive materials.  My point, just because you can detect it, doesn't mean its dangerous, nor is exposure condeming you to cancer. 

The purpose of this site is to provide piece of mind to homeowners, inspectors or appraisers on privately owned homes or businesses, on possible ionizing radiation dangers within one's home or property.  If you are close to me , I would be happy to perform a qualitative (is it radioactive or not) survey.  The results of your survey will be kept private, with the responsibility of action resting on the requesting person or business. 

Common potential ionizing radiation sources found within the home:

  •     Granite Countertops or decorations
  •     Stone and Ceramic tiles, glass and ceramic flatware
  •     Antique Clocks, Compasses, Old luminous Items
  •     Antique health aids (heating pads, violet ray devices), old patent medicines
  •     Mineral and Rock Collections
  •     Antique Dishes, Bowls, Plates, Cups
  •     Old Surgical Instruments
  •     Gemstones and Jewelry
  •     Vaseline Glass, Uranium Glass, Custard Glass, Burmese Glass
  •     Vacuum Tubes (Found in old radios, TVs
  •     Older TV Sets (Non LCD or LED sets when turned on, as a result of the Vacuum tubes and or the TV tube)
  •     Water Filters (from filtered radioactive substances found in the water supply, especially well water)
  •     Static Electric Air Filters (From radon decay products pulled from the air)
  •     Smoke detectors
  •     Thorium mantles
  •     People and Animals! (From nuclear medical tests and cancer brachytherapy treatments i.e.    radioactive seed implantation).  Believe it or not people have been detained at airports and our borders for this! 

Just because it is on this list does not mean it is necessarily radioactive, and even if it is it does not mean that it is dangerous, It would be however good to know so one can take appropriate action, and protect others who may come in contact with items in the future.  I would agree that some items, such an old radium dialed clock where the paint is crumbling off the hands should be disposed of properly.

Appropriate action may be removal, limiting exposure, or if a dangerous item may be contacting the proper disposal authorities.  If the item emits radon, you may consider removing it from an enclosed space and move it to an area that may provide proper ventilation.  Since this is a private service, we will not do that for you.  Action is your responsibility.

To accompany my site, I have created a blog about radioactive people and items I have encountered in my everyday passings.  To emphasize, I am not in an area that is known for uranium minerals or anywhere near a nuclear power plant.  Surprisingly, I have encountered radiation above background quite often. 

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